“The most valuable thing for my work as
consultant is the symbiosis of 12 years of experience
operational and 15 years in support
for the development of hotel projects. Thanks to
its proposals and solutions I offer to clients
are not only well founded theoretically, but also
based on a real, practical knowledge of how to
that runs this business.”
– Lucian Marinescu

“I pride myself on being a thoroughbred hotelier.
I know the field like the back of my hand. I’ve run independent hotels
and affiliates, both in Bucharest and in the country,
both individual hotels and groups of hotels.
This extensive experience allows me to have
a detailed understanding of the business.”
– Călin Ile

O parte dintre partenerii nostri

Who are we?

Premier Hospitality is the leading independent hospitality consulting and management company in Romania.

Led by two of the most qualified and experienced professionals in the field in the country, the company tailors its offer according to the client’s specific needs: from integrated, comprehensive services to one-off interventions on specific processes, from the investment decision rationale to the exit strategy. And everything in between.

How to run a hotel business?

Developing and managing a hotel is a process that needs to follow a certain timeline to make sure you have all the important information at the right time or that you don’t skip critical steps in the project. Failure to follow the correct timeline can lead to increased capital budgets or extended lead times; compromise compliance with legal regulations, increase operating costs or compromise ease of operation and guest comfort.


To make an informed decision, you need accurate and complete information. For both new projects and conversions or renovations, the document that underpins the investment decision is the opportunity study, with its three components: market analysis, product definition and definition of the calculation of economic indicators. Our services can be:

  • location analysis/selection
  • market research
  • opportunity studies
  • PIP


Probably the most important choice an investor in this industry has to make is the operating solution, i.e. brand affiliation and management approach. The type of investor, location, size and positioning of the property, and exit strategy all enter into the equation of this choice. The choice of the right brand or partner is made on the basis of a decision matrix, using objective and relevant criteria for each individual project. Our services can be:

  • identifying the optimal solution
  • preparation of documentation
  • carrying out correspondence
  • assistance in contract negotiation


The hotel is a private building with many specific regulations and best practices regarding the location and sizing of functions or guest safety. At the same time, optimal use of space, easy operation, smooth business and, last but not least, compliance with classification criteria or chain standards must be ensured. These aspects are known in detail only to professionals in the field. Our services can be:

  • the theme of the project and design
  • selection of architect/designer
  • design and design assistance
  • compliance with classification criteria
  • compliance with chain standards


One of the critical stages of any project is funding. All the efforts so far have gone into representing and supporting the project to the funders. Premier Hospitality provides the “know-how” to present the project so that funding can be obtained smoothly. Our services can be:

  • opportunity studies
  • funding assistance
  • financial forecasts


Throughout the execution, the role of the consultant is to propose technical solutions, present industry best practices, provide specifications and features for fittings and fixtures, as well as ensure that elements of compliance with classification criteria and chain standards are maintained and offer suggestions on suppliers and specialist manufacturers. Our services can be:

  • implementation of standards
  • specific technical solutions
  • specifications for equipment and fittings


You have one chance to make a successful opening! Preparing the property to welcome guests is intense and concentrated activity in a very short time: grading, permitting, equipment purchases, recruiting and training the team, revenue and expense budgets, operational software implementations or creating work standards and procedures are just a few of the big challenges of this period. Our services can be:

  • pre-opening budgets
  • authorisation/permits/licences
  • distribution/pricing/marketing
  • staff recruitment and training
  • standards and procedures
  • IT, FF&E and procurement


Hotel management is an activity that requires specific training and knowledge. It involves a high degree of commitment, given the specific nature of the 24/7 activity. Whether it is operational, temporary or asset management, it can only be done in a cost-effective way by specialised companies, supported by multidisciplinary teams, through centralised support services for revenue management, budgeting, e-commerce, marketing or purchasing activities. Our services can be:

  • operational management
  • temporary management
  • asset management


The purpose of any business is to make a profit, either from operating the property or from selling it. Hotels are among the most valuable real estate properties, and transactions or ventures in these properties are often conducted through private channels. The success of such a transaction depends on how the discussions are prepared, by bringing the parties to a common denominator by a discreet and professional mediator. Our services can be:

  • identifying opportunities
  • intermediation/representation
  • due diligence
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Hotel Investor's Guide


Developing and managing a hotel is a process that needs to follow a certain timeline to make sure you have all the important information at the right time or that you don’t skip critical project milestones. Failure to follow the correct timeline can result in increased capital budgets or extended deadlines; compromise compliance with legal regulations, increase operating costs or compromise ease of operation and guest comfort.

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