There is no business without money. Finding sufficient funds, at the right time, at a reasonable cost and acceptable risk is no easy task. You can turn to bank loans, various funding programmes and grants or another investor; but which is best for you? We’ve had dozens of projects through our hands and we understand how important properly structured financing is to the success of a project, so we’re here to tell you which option is best for you.

Experts believe that an entrepreneur needs to have an exit strategy – or at least an idea of one – in place from the moment he or she decides to open a business. You may love the hotel business so much that you decide to keep it in the family and leave it to your heirs, or even make further investments and add new properties. Or perhaps, conversely, at the end of your first decade in business you’ll find that it’s not as good a fit as you’d hoped and you’d rather do something else.

If you find yourself in the first scenario, we can help you find the perfect property to add to your portfolio. If you find yourself in the second scenario, we can help you find a buyer for your hotel and navigate through the stages of the process. The reality is that hotels are among the most valuable types of real estate assets and most properties are not publicly listed, with hotel sales usually taking place through private channels. Discretion, very careful checking of documentation and accurate representation of your interests are key to a successful transaction, so you need to have someone on the inside. We can make it as easy for you to expand or sell your business as we have made it to build or manage it.

Why? Well, the slogan says: we are dedicated to your success!