It’s supposed to be easy to make a hotel, right? Sure, it doesn’t require an in-depth study of physics or mathematics, but it does require a very special set of skills and a very specific type of expertise.

Sure, you can hire the best builder to build it and the fanciest designer to fit it out, but unless they specialise in hotels, or you’re an industry veteran yourself who knows the field inside out, you still risk ending up with a result that’s far from ideal.

The first question is “Which hotel should I open?”. It seems like a simple question, but the truth is that behind it lie many other questions: “How many rooms?”, “Which category is the most suitable?”, “What other services should it offer?”, “What capacity should the restaurant have?”, “Should there be meeting and conference rooms?”, “Or maybe a spa?”, “What about affiliation with an international chain?”, “Would it be useful?”, “How big an investment is needed?”, “How many years can I get my money out of it?” and the list goes on. So it is by no means a simple question and the decision to invest should only be taken after a thorough opportunity and feasibility study has been done.

Another important question is the affiliation to an international hotel chain, because there are several types of chains and different types of affiliation. Choosing the right solution for your hotel’s location, category, size and development strategy is not an easy task. To understand the benefits of such an affiliation in detail and to negotiate the contract, expert advice is indispensable.

Further, it should be borne in mind that the hotel is a special type of building, one of the most complex constructions, and that for things to go according to plan, a hotel must respect certain design features, which concern the allocation and sizing of functions or access and movement of guests versus staff versus goods and supplies. It also requires compliance with strict safety and security standards, as well as special rules on hygiene, waste management, fire prevention and so on. Furthermore, the facilities and equipment must have certain technical characteristics and specifications, dictated by best practice in the field and known only to experienced hoteliers. Of course, you can find out what all these regulations and standards are by studying the literature. However, that won’t teach you how exactly to do them in a way that strikes the best balance between cost, quality and operational efficiency.

Maybe you think you can think and solve all these issues after you complete the project, right? Or maybe after the building is erected. Not really. Anything missed in the early design phases of the project will add unnecessary costs later – not to mention that some oversights might not even be fixable. And it’s true of everything, not just the layout and fit-out of the building itself: it’s true of the rationale for the investment decision, for identifying the right financing, for the pre-opening phase pitchforks, for choosing the best operating solution, or for creating the exit strategy.

At Premier Hospitality we have the necessary experience and genuine professionals who are eager to support you in all or any of these phases and processes. I say “all or any” because we offer our clients the opportunity to team up with us for the entire process or, alternatively, to rely on us only for those phases where they feel they absolutely need the support of the most qualified professionals in the field. And you can certainly count on our support!

Why? Well, the slogan says: we are dedicated to your success!