For years, cities, resorts and tourist regions in Romania have been trying to find ways to promote and position themselves on the local and international tourism market in an attractive and coherent way.

Private investors have made a major contribution to this effort: they have invested in properties to make them competitive and promoted the areas as best they could, but their resources and capacity to engage in extensive marketing campaigns or complex programmes and infrastructure works are limited. Therefore, these strategies and investment plans need to be put into a wider framework, one that involves not only hotels, but also restaurants, entertainment operators and, above all, local authorities.

Bringing all these actors to the same table, harmonising their interests and finding the legal framework that allows them to organise themselves as efficiently as possible is harder than it sounds.

Even more difficult is to position a destination in the market correctly: what are its resources and attractions? What kind of customers do you need to attract? What channels should be used to communicate about the destination so that the message reaches the target customers? It takes a lot of experience to develop these strategies, and we have it and we can provide it.

Why? Well, the slogan says: we are dedicated to your success!
We are dedicated to your success!